Kishansar Lake

Commanding a height of 3801 m above sea level, Krishnasar Lake is one of the most mesmerizing lakes in the chain of many oligotrophic lakes dotting the Himalayan terrain in Sonamarg area. Together with Vishansar Lake, this pristine waterbody forms a beautiful twin that is nestled amid breathtakingly beautiful mountainous uplands among the Himalayan hills. The reflections of Kishansar peak in the lake, though 0.5 km away, are wonderful when the lake is still. The color of the lake depends on the time of the day and the clouds in the sky. Early in the morning, before the sun really shines, expect clear colorless water. The lake starts getting its colors when the sun shines. On a clear sunny morning, the water is absolutely blue. Whatever be the color, the lake looks wonderful and it is worth catching a glimpse of the lake in all its hues.

The Kishansar Lake is about one and a half a kilometer away and 500ft higher than Vishansar Lake. It lies at the base of the Kishansar peak. There are multiple tracks here. For adventure loving persons it is more attractive to climb up and get the view of the meadow and the lake from a height. Kishansar is also big and blue. It has a big meadow stretching on its right. The lake and the meadows are bordered on the farther side by a ridge line that rises sharply. The trail climbs up to the top of the ridge and on the top of the ridge is the Gadsar pass.

You will see travelers from all over the state and outside coming here and enjoying themselves. Similar to most lakes in this area, Kishansar is an angler’s paradise. Here, trout fishes are found in abundance in its waters. Cradled by snow clad mountains, the surface of the Kishansar Lake is frozen during the winter. The ideal time to visit this nature’s scenic gift is between June and August as the snow during these months is found only on summits and hidden pockets. The meadows are decorated with wild flowers of innumerable hues and shades, making the trip a real treasure to be remembered rest of the life.